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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy clarifies our compliance with laws concerning the protection of personal information and the handling of personal information in order to have our customers use our services safely.

■Compliance with laws

We adopt the Japanese national law regarding the handling, control, and use of personal information. We comply with applicable laws for personal information, and shall carry out adjustments of each item when necessary, such as in the event of amendments of the law.
Please refer to the website below for the Japanese national law of "Act on the Protection of Personal Information".

■Regarding entrusted personal information

In order to provide better services, we collect necessary information such as accurate names, addresses, telephone number, email addresses, etc. of our customers.

■Regarding the use of personal information

As a general rule we shall not use personal information of our customers apart from the purposes mentioned below. In the event of using personal information for purposes other than those mentioned below, we will inform regarding this on a separate page or through notification of services. Apart from (1) and (4) below, personal information will be used after statistically processing the information and securing its anonymity.
(1)To use as a contact address for delivering products ordered at our "Tateshinapple" website, our store or websites of consigned vendors.
(2)To use as reference within our company in order to improve the quality of our services.
(3)To use as reference for cooperation with our business partners in order to improve the quality of our services.
(4)For legal purposes.

■Regarding outsourcing

We may disclose minimum required information for online sales, product shipment/ payment/ credit limit relating to operations at our store as well as consigned vendor websites, necessary aftercare services, and notifications regarding new products/ services.
When we disclose personal information to outsourcees to achieve the purpose of use, the outsourcee is required to conclude agreements ensuring the appropriate handling of personal information. We shall also conduct appropriate control as well as supervision to ensure compliance with the agreement.
*Necessary outsourcees refer to producers/ manufacturers/ selling agency entrusted with the arrangement of direct shipping from the production region, shipment companies entrusted with delivery of goods, settlement agency, printing/ shipment representative of labels of payment bills, personal credit information organizations, collection agencies, marketing agencies entrusted with guidance of our services, and research agencies conducting analyses for the improvement of our services.

■Handling of personal information

Provided personal information is strictly managed and we take appropriate measures to prevent loss, leakage, and alteration.

■Disclosure of information

We may disclose personal information in the following cases.
(1)Under consent with the customer.
(2)If disclosure of personal information is legitimately requested by the court, police, or conforming public organizations.
(3)If urgently required for the protection of the customer's life, health, or assets.

■Regarding direct mail

We send emails from our "Tateshinapple" website or materials regarding useful information to customers who have registered their contact addresses (email/ home address) as personal information and agreed to receive notifications. Customers can later change settings if they do not wish to receive notifications.

■Regarding the changing/ removal of personal information

We will immediately respond to requests for changing or removing their registered personal information managed by our "Tateshinapple" website.
We will ask for confirmation of our customer's email address in order to change or remove information.
*Contact by email:

■Personal information administrator

Tateshinapple Limited Company
Representative Director Naoaki Komiyama
2564-1,Motai,Tateshina Town,Kita-Saku County,Nagano Prefecture,Japan
ZIP CODE 384-2211

■Important notice

Items stated on this page may be revised due to changes with our services or reasonable necessity according to changes with online technology. We kindly ask for your understanding.
The validity of items stated on this page are between our company and our customers, and shall not apply to third parties including links to this page.